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Summer 1995/96 Introduction
by Michael Bath

The storm season of 1995/96 has been one of the best for many years: possibly the best since the establishment of the NSW Storm Spotter Network. The most intense activity seems to have been in the northern NSW and SE Queensland region.

One unusual feature of this season has been the significant occurrence of storms from the northwest as well as the west.

In Sydney two separate severe thunderstorm events produced hail to 8cm diameter. This is quite extraordinary given that there have only been 7 occasions in all Sydney's history where hail has equalled or exceeded 7cm diameter. These occurred on:

Saturday 28th October 1995 at Cobbity (near Camden)
Monday 5th February 1996 at Emu Plains (near Penrith) and Bossley Park (Liverpool area). The Horsley Park Storm Chase

Previous giant hail (6cm or larger) events in Sydney are:

17/02/1812 6.5cm in Sydney
09/05/1824 7cm in Western Sydney
20/11/1845 7cm at Seven Hills & Parramatta
07/03/1881 6.4cm in Sydney
31/12/1946 6cm in Sydney
14/12/1967 6.2cm in Mascot & Mosman
31/12/1970 7cm in Sydney & Bondi
03/10/1986 6cm in Sydney
06/03/1990 7.5cm in Pitt Town, 6cm in Glenbrook
18/03/1990 8cm in Liverpool & Bass Hill, 6cm in Roseville
21/01/1991 7cm in Duffys Forest & Barrenjoey
12/02/1992 7.5cm in Toongabbie & Girraween

During the summer season (December, January and February), there have been several storm chases; both dual and solo. Some other trips were initiated as a precautionary measure but did not lead to storm chases. These gave us the opportunity for some good, relaxing, photographic sessions as well as video footage. (It is useless chasing storms you are uncertain or unable to catch, or that may lead to uninteresting features).

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Updated: 5th April, 2004
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