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Northwest Sydney Lightning Show: Thursday 24th April 1997
by Michael Bath

Some disappointing weak storms earlier in the day preceded a surprise event to the northwest of my place at Oakhurst in northwestern Sydney. I could just see some flashes low down in the distance from about 6.20pm, when I got a call from Jimmy to come over to his place for a better view. I raced over and was set up within 15 minutes and caught some spectacular lightning bolts - some of the best ones I have captured in the past 2 years. The display was intense for about half an hour, with less frequent bolts occurring for an hour or so to the north and northeast.

Synoptic Charts & Satellite Imagery

These images obtained from the Bureau of Meteorology

Infrared Satellite Image at 10pm Local Time

MSL Analysis 10 pm Local Time

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Updated: 5th May, 2005
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