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Cold Snap hits Melbourne: Thursday 9th July 1998
by Jane ONeill

After a minimum temperature of 3 degrees, Thursday dawned cool but not overly cold, with no indication in the Melbourne metropolitan area of what was to happen as the day progressed, although light snow had been reported to be falling at Olinda on Mt Dandenong to the east, and Mt Macedon to the west. At 6am, there was 8/8 coverage of low stratus, 65% humidity and pressure of 1015 rising steadily.

By 10am, it had turned bitterly cold with a fresh SW wind and towering cumulus developing rapidly. By 12 noon, we had already had some sleet and small hail both in the city and the suburbs and the temperature had fallen to 3.4 deg ensuring that hail in some areas did not melt for a couple of hours.

Light snow had fallen on and off during the morning at Olinda and there was still a light dusting at 3pm, after which the cloud cover broke up to reveal towering cumulus sailing up from the south.

The maximum temperature for the day was 7 deg. At 6pm, humidity was 62%, pressure 1020 and rising. By 9pm the temperature had risen to 7.6 degrees.

See also Michael Thompson's Snow Chase from the 10th July 1998.

Satellite Imagery

These images obtained from James Cook University

Infrared Satellite Images from 1pm 8th July to 12pm 9th July local time in 3 hourly increments.
Click the first image for an animation.

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