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NSW North West Plains Supercell Outbreak: Tuesday 7th to Wednesday 8th December 2004
photos by Rodney Wallbridge

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Tuesday 7th December 2004

North of Ashford:

South of Ashford:

West of Moree:

30km east of Collarenabri:

15km east of Collarenabri:

25km southeast of Collarenabri:

20km southeast of Collarenabri:

50km east of Collarenabri:


Wednesday 8th December 2004

25km southwest of Collarenabri:

30km northeast of Walgett:

20km southwest of Collarenabri:

10km east of Collarenabri:

50km east of Collarenabri:

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Updated: 18th January, 2005
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