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Large Hail in the Gippsland region of Victoria: Saturday 10th September 2005
Report compiled by Michael Bath

location of Newborough

These photographs taken by Kaye from Newborough in the Gippsland region of Victoria show a rotating wall cloud from a probable supercell thunderstorm. Photo times are 14:51, 14:54, 14:55, 14:57, 14:58, 14:58 and 15:00. Hail to 5cm diameter occurred as the cell passed over Kaye's property.

Kaye writes, "These shots were taken from my balcony which look towards Mt Baw Baw which is NW direction. From what I could tell from the radar the storm came through Warburton and is the first storm on the radar images that have been posted. It was strange to me that a storm that looked so awesome had very little lightning. Apparently the storm also passed through Mirboo North and they had fantastic lightning. I have been asked about the wind at the time and as far as I can remember it was incredibly calm just before the strom and when the storm hit the wind came from the west and was very strong.


From Bureau of Meteorology

  • East Sale local scale loop 0300z to 0800z 10/09/2005 (1pm to 6pm local time)
  • Melbourne medium scale loop 0300z to 0730z 10/09/2005 (1pm to 5.30pm local time)
  • Melbourne high resolution scans (courtesy Melb BoM):
    [3.20pm PPI][3.20pm RHI]
    [3.30pm PPI][3.30pm RHI]
    [3.50pm PPI][3.50pm RHI]
    [4.00pm PPI][4.00pm RHI]

    Satellite Image

    From MODIS 0430z (2.30pm local time). Storm photographed is near the centre of the image with large anvil streaming towards the SSE.

    10/09/2005 0430z

    Analysis Chart

    From Bureau of Meteorology

    10/09/2005 06z

    GFS Model Analysis

    From NOAA 10/09/2005 06z analysis

  • Liftex Index
  • CAPE
  • Relative Humidity surface
  • Relative Humidity 850 hPa
  • Relative Humidity 700 hPa
  • Relative Humidity 600 hPa
  • Relative Humidity 500 hPa
  • Relative Humidity 300 hPa
  • Temperature (C) surface
  • Temperature (C) 850 hPa
  • Temperature (C) 700 hPa
  • Temperature (C) 500 hPa
  • Temperature (C) 300 hPa
  • Winds (knots) surface
  • Winds (knots) 925 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 850 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 700 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 600 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 500 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 300 hPa
  • Winds (knots) 200 hPa
    Document: 200509-02.htm
    Updated: 15th September, 2005
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