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Snow Weather Data: Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th July 2007

[NSW Northern Ranges Snow Chase Forecasting Guide] [Australian Severe Weather forum thread]

Model Output Comparison

07/07/2008 12z GFS model run
07/07/2008 12z TWC model run

Satellite Photos

 Infrared satellite loop: 06/07/2007 00z to 09/07/2007 00z [2.8mb]


 Moree Soundings 9am 7th and 8th July
 Cobar Soundings 9am 7th and 8th July

Other Weather Maps

Loop of the 07/07/2007 12z GFS model run: +00 to +36 in 3 hour increments

700 hPa Relative Humidity / 850 hPa Temperature

GFS Model Analysis 08/07/2007 00z and 06z runs

  850 hPa Temp 500 hPa Temp 700 hPa RH 850 hPa Thickness

MSL and 500hPa LAPS analysis

Document: 20070708_snow_data.htm
Updated: 2nd June 2008
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