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Daily Summary

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This report is automatically generated every day at 9.00 am and covers the period 1 January to 22 January

Maximums and minimums

Maximum temperature: +39.2 °C at 13:48:00 on 19 January
Minimum temperature: +18.6 °C at 06:25:00 on 12 January

Maximum humidity: 90 % at 07:14:00 on 20 January
Minimum humidity: 24 % at 12:33:00 on 19 January

Maximum dew point: +21.9 °C at 08:30:00 on 20 January
Minimum dew point: +12.1 °C at 10:35:00 on 16 January

Minimum wind chill: +19 °C at 06:28:00 on 19 January
Maximum heat index: +41.2 °C at 13:44:00 on 19 January

Maximum barometric pressure: 1019 hPa at 10:16:00 on 20 January
Minimum barometric pressure: 1009 hPa at 17:16:00 on 16 January

Maximum wind gust: 37.4 km/h from 53° at 17:05:00 on 16 January


Average temperature: +27.4 °C
Average maximum temperature: +33.9 °C
Average minimum temperature: +20.9 °C

Average humidity: 59 %
Average maximum humidity: 84 %
Average minimum humidity: 34 %

Average dew point: +17.4 °C
Average maximum dew point: +20.4 °C
Average minimum dew point: +14.5 °C

Average minimum wind chill: +20.5 °C
Average maximum heat index: +34.8 °C

Average barometric pressure: 1014.5 hPa
Average maximum barometric pressure: 1016.6 hPa
Average minimum barometric pressure: 1012.4 hPa

Rainfall summary:
(Entries are for the 24 hours ENDING at the indicated date)

Number of rain days: 0
Maximum rainfall rate recorded is zero
Total rainfall for January: 0 mm
Days since rain: 30
Last Rain amount: 8 mm

Average of daily peak wind gusts: 21.9 km/h
Average of daily peak wind gust direction: 42°

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Updated: 25 September 2015
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